Texas Olive Ranch

Texas Olive Ranch is a family-owned business that grows, harvests, and presses olives to make their uniquely flavored olive oils. After harvesting the Arbequina olive trees in September, the olives are immediately sent to be pressed for the richest of flavors. Their olive oil is always cold-pressed and unaltered, resulting in the freshest of olive oils.



Branding & Packaging


Good oil, like good wine, is a gift from the gods.
— George Ellwanger

Logo Redesign

The new logo marries two different elements together, putting the mockingbird with an olive branch in its mouth, drawing on the iconic Italian-inspired image of a dove with an olive branch. The typography lends itself to mimic an olive with the counter of the letter “O,” and is juxtaposed with the mockingbird.



Package Redesign Goals

The goal of this project is to redesign the product package by using sustainable and recyclable matter, reduce and cut down the amount of materials used, and also be reusable or useful after the initial consumption, therefore lessening the impact of wasteful materials that enter into the environment, all the while retaining its sleek and sophisticated look.


Photo Oxidation Prevention

It is standard for the bottles of olive oil to be a dark color to keep light out and prevent photo oxidation, which affects the flavor of the oil itself.



Drawing inspiration from the Texas vibe, the packaging uses a gas can as its main housing for 64 fluid ounce refilling bottles, therefore reducing plastic waste. Instead of using plastic for the 12 fluid ounce infusion bottles, tinted glass bottles, reminiscent of beer bottles were used, giving a nod to Texas beer culture.




The colors were chosen based on the Texas flag but altered to give it a more rustic Texan feel.




The dainty, yet strong presence of the primary serif typeface contrasts well with the sans serif’s bold and heavy strokes. In the selection of the serif typeface, it was important that the counter of the “O” mimicked the shape of an olive.