Howdy, I’m Pey-Jing!

Welcome to my site. I hope you’ve enjoyed my book and packaging designs, and now, a little about me. I was born in Taiwan and raised in Texas. I love a good museum experience and my favorite museum to visit is the Menil in Houston, my hometown. Houston has my heart, but San Marcos and its beautiful river are really growing on me.

I’ve worked as a photographer, art teacher, and designer. Page layouts and packaging are my jam, and I’m fascinated by the book and its physical form. I love to peruse art books and magazines, and walking through the Big H-E-B in San Marcos gives me inspiration for product packaging. Recently, I’ve delved into a little bit of installation work in different gallery settings, aiming to improve mental health awareness.

As I’m closing one chapter in my life and opening another, I am looking forward to growing as a publication designer and working in the field with print and publication. However, I don’t want to limit myself as a designer and am open to learning and being active as a visual designer.

When I’m not designing or thinking about art, I’ll be in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, or on the couch, snuggling with my husband and my dog, Dori.